The ship were boarded by the Rohingya and Bangladeshi. Photo: Carlos Sardiña Galache / Geutanyoë Foundation

Photo: Rohingya and Bangladeshi in Aceh 2015

Between 10 and 20 May 2015, 1,807 Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi nationals were rescued by local fishermen in the province of Aceh, Indonesia, after being abandoned following months at sea on smugglers’ boats.

The survivors in Aceh Province, are currently located in four sites across three districts/mucipalities: Aceh Utara (North Aceh) district, Langsa municipality, Aceh Timur (East Aceh) district.

The Government of Indonesia agreed to host the survivors in Aceh for a year while durable solutions are found. Yayasan Geutanyoë has been conducting a humanitarian response to support the survivors since the first day of their arrival in Aceh.

The following photos of:

- Carlos Sardiña Galache |; and
- Muhammad Arafat | Yayasan Geutanyoë

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