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Humanising Humanity (Memanusiakan Manusia)



The Geutanyoe Foundation (Yayasan Geutanyoe) is an Aceh–based organisation established by activists who pioneered the humanitarian and non-violent civic movement in Aceh since 1999. We are dedicated to cultivating and upholding values of  dignity, humanity, equality, justice, peace, democracy, and sustainability in Aceh and Southeast Asia.

We seek to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to, and empower and uphold the rights of people in need, including disaster- and conflict-affected communities, refugees, migrants and victims of trafficking, vulnerable and marginalised groups, including children, women, ethnic and religious minorities and isolated communities. We also seek to harness local and global knowledge to find sustainable and durable solutions to some of the regional’s most intractable humanitarian and social challenges. 

Through our work we hope to protect, rejuvenate and promote Aceh's diverse social, cultural, historical and ecological heritage as a contribution to humanity, society and our planet. We do this through catalytic humanitarian, community empowerment, educational, cultural and ecological initiatives.

“Geutanyoe” is the Acehnese word for “us”, “we” or “ours”. We chose this as the name of our organisation because Aceh’s experience has taught us that the key to sustaining peace after decades of war and isolation lies in building common visions while respecting differences and diversity: in recognising, celebrating and protecting Aceh's diverse heritage, genealogies, traditions, ecology, identities, and ideas; bridging differences through dialogue and cultivating respect for diversity; and forging shared values and common visions for the future. Our logo represents the Acehnese 'Saleum' greeting, in traditional Gayo 'kerawang' motif and colours.


To establish an Acehnese and regional community founded on dignity, humanity, equality, justice, peace, democracy, and sustainability, in accordance with universal values​​.​​


  1. To proactively promote humanitarian values, peace-building and sustainability in locally, nationally, and regionally.
  2. To promote respect for human rights and equality for all.
  3. To protect and assist vulnerable groups, including children, elderly, disabled, refugees, religious/ethnic minorities and stateless persons, and address the root causes of vulnerability.
  4. To promote the reconciliation between the State and the victims of past violence and to prevent the emergence of future conflict and violence.
  5. To promote the establishment of a culture of openness, accountability and transparency, as well as good and clean governance, free from corruption, collusion and nepotism.
  6. To develop community-based economic initiatives to promote sustainable livelihoods for the people of Aceh.
  7. To develop the quality of education for the realisation of productive, competitive, and skilled human resources Aceh.
  8. To develop community empowerment efforts in the field of health and social protection, in order to achieve healthy societies.
  9. To enable the people of Aceh to participate in and determine political processes and development planning in accordance with the public interest.
  10. To increase understanding and social cohesion between different cultural and social groups in Acehnese society and throughout the region.

What We Have Done

  1. Emergency response, humanitarian services and advocacy on Rohingya refugees and Bangladesh nationals who were rescued by a group of fishermen in Aceh in May 2015 in 3 districts/municipalities (North Aceh, East Aceh and Langsa; ASEAN region.)
  2. Promoting the culture of Aceh by bringing a Saman Gayo troupe to the Kuala Lumpur International Arts festival in Kuala Lumpur (September 2015)
  3. Photo exhibition and education campaign at the 10 year commemoration of the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Aceh (December 2014)
  4. Advocacy for victims of the 2013 Gayo earthquake (July-December 2013)


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We are dedicated to cultivating and upholding values of humanity, dignity, peace and sustainability in Aceh and Southeast Asia.